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Achitecture design and planning

Our company develop architectural drafting and design projects buildings and industrial companies.

Our projects in Revit include a full range of plans, cuts, drawings of engineering systems and an accurate calculation of the volume of building materials.

Availability of project documentation helps to correctly plan the process of building and avoid unnecessary financial costs associated with the dismantling of improperly constructed structures or the implementation of unnecessary work.

Architectural drafting and design projects in Revit/Autodesk

You should not forget the aesthetic component: we develop projects that are unique in terms of design, in which we take into account the wishes of the customer, his budget and taste preferences.

We provide a full range of services related to architectural design, and we develop all the necessary project documentation:

  • Consultation
  • Architectural solution, up to two options
  • Planning Solution
  • 3D spatial image
  • Drawings

We are in list of architectural consultancy firms in Dubai!