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Automation and electric

Our consultants develop drawings of automation systems and electrics of any complexity.

Automation implies thermal regulation, automatic regulation, automatic equipment protection, electric drive control and interlocking.

We develope automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with the aim of:

  • ensuring and maintaining the required conditions of the air environment in the premises, increasing the reliability of the systems, as well as switching the systems on and off according to special requirements;
  • reduction of staff influence, saving heat, cold and electricity.

The degree of automation depends on the purpose of the building and structure, the type of systems, the required equipment operation time and economic feasibility.

Automatic regulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is recommended to be designed comprehensively for the entire building based on an analysis of air treatment processes for the winter, summer and transitional periods.

To increase the reliability of engineering systems and installations, automatic protection of equipment and blocking should be provided.

The dispatching system of automated engineering systems is recommended to use in operating of wherehouses, shopping centres, buildings and industry.

The centralized of the operation of systems, centralized control of the most characteristic parameters and signaling of their status and emergency shutdown are assigned to dispatching.

Dispatching ensures the efficiency of monitoring and control, partial reduction of staff on duty, energy savings and cooling.