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3D project: Heat and Electric Power Station, Russia, Tula region.”

We completed MEP engineering design project in Revit: "Heat and Electric Power Station, Russia, Tula region."

The energy Station was designed to supply electricity power and providing thermal energy in the form of steam and portable water connected to the factory.

The installed electrical and thermal power was calculated on the basis of the technical characteristics of the installed equipment under ISO conditions:
- electric power - 24.9 MW;
- thermal power - 19.76 Gcal / h.

Equipment in project:

  • JMC 624 GS -N.LC GE Jenbacher gas engines
  • EGB CLAYTON waste heat boilers.

Constructive decisions

The building of the Energy Center is a metal frame based of three volumes with different height. In terms of plan, the Energy Center has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 25.55x54.0 m with an extension of 3.6x9 m.
The frame of the Energy Center can be divided into two blocks:
1st unit (electrical station);
2nd block (boiler room and machine room).

Network engineering

The tracing of engineering networks is linked to the general solution of the master plan, as a single system of engineering communications, taking into account the existing networks.

Engineering networks are placed in accordance of optimal service by inputs and outputs of buildings and structures with their minimum length and taking into account linkage with existing networks.

The construction of a new, highly efficient source of electric and thermal energy will provide the Company with the cheaper energy and increase the reliability of its energy supply.