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3D design project in High Voltage field

Consultants from Construction4d.com provides services on the field of making projects with high voltage 6,3; 10,5kV electric distribution.

Project include: developing grids, transformers, a set of equipment that performs the tasks of receiving and converting electricity by increasing or decreasing the voltage indices, taking into account the needs of served electricity consumers.

In the process of designing we determine and develop:

  • Electric grid;
  • type of electricity input (cable or air);
  • electrical and structural circuit;
  • proposals for electricity metering;
  • features of the construction and connection of the substation to the power line, cable line;
  • substation performance indicators;
  • the number of transformers, their power and other parameters;
  • other solutions that must be determined according to the requirements of the technical specifications.

We work with: Siemens, ABB, AECOM.