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Hot water boiler plant design

No one single resident imagines himself without hot water. For the organization of hot water is often used hot water boilers. They work in any climate, have small heat loss.

Development of a boiler house project is a difficult stage, requiring the work of a qualified consultant. Our company provides services for the design projects of hot water boilers. An individual approach to each client, we will execute the order precisely in time.

Performance of work related to the design of boiler rooms, is now becoming increasingly much popular. This is due to the fact that the number of enterprises, as well as private houses and cottages, decide to abandon the centralized heating system.

Our company is engaged in the design of boiler rooms on gaseous and liquid fuels, made in block-modular and boiler houses design.

Before starting the development of a boiler house project, it is necessary to determine the nature of the future boiler house and the type of fuel used (crowed oil, gas, electric)

Development of a boiler house project includes the following steps:

  • to check technical specification and determination of the needs of the Customer;
  • development of a heat supply scheme;
  • selection of main and auxiliary equipment;
  • a project for integrating equipment into existing networks;
  • development of project documentation, including equipment specification.

The specialists of our company have 10 years extensive experience in designing boiler houses of various designs, equiped with boilers and water treatment.

When developing a project, the most modern software is used.