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Water supply system design project

High quality water supply systems design is very important question in industrial Companies, shopping moles and office buildings or other facilities.

For technological processes, water should not containing mechanical, chemical impurities, which can lead to the formation of scale and equipment damage.

The water supply scheme is a system consisting of the following components:

  • water intake facilities - the function of water withdrawal from a natural reservoir;
  • pumping stations - they supply water either to a special settling pond or directly through a pipeline, there may be several levels, depending on their purpose;
  • settling ponds - preliminary water purification;
  • supplies of purified water, where the water that has passed the initial purification is stored for the necessary time;
  • storage ponds;
  • water tower, which is needed in order to ensure proper pressure of the water jet;
  • water treatment plants;
  • drainage systems.

Industrial water supply system design

The design of water supply system which includes portable water, fire water supply systems is made by our consultants in accordance with certain standards, due to the purpose of Customer.